We want to get more everyday women out of their comfort zones, experiencing new things, challenging themselves mentally and physically, and living life adventurously. When you do these things you gain confidence, over come barriers, increase problem solving skills, improve relationships, increase productivity and creativity, improve mental and physically health and many other benefits. We want to get women OUTSIDE to show them what all Indiana and the WORLD has to offer and reintroduce them to adventure in their life.

Why are there so few outdoor adventure films featuring women? If we aren't seeing women on screen or in real life experiencing these trips then it is harder for some of us to image that we can do it. Alison Hudson talks about this in her article, "WHERE ARE WOMEN IN OUTDOOR FILMS? A LOOK AT HOW BANFF MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL WANTS TO CHANGE THE STATUS QUO" read more here. We want to see every day women, your mom, sister, aunt, neighbor, teacher, friend experiencing life! With this film we are be able to show everyday women women living in Indiana living life adventurously, taking risks, and empowering themselves with new adventure experiences! This film proves that women belong in the wild, we are strong, confident and why trying something for the first time is so important. 

You can read more about why to Live Adventurously in my article on Thrive Global here.


Why Indiana?

I (Danielle) was born and raised here and I know Indiana gets passed up as an adventurous place. We want to showcase just a few experiences out of the many that anyone living, or visiting here can do. Indiana is a state that is filled with excitement and adventure. We also included some special local women that have inspired us that offered their professional guidance and expertise along the women's adventure contest weekend. 

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